I'm excited to say that I bought your mandolin from George Gruhn today!  George took me upstairs and we A-B'd yours with three Loars, a Monteleone, and a handful of Gilchrists.  I can honestly say that I preferred the tone of the Wienman over all of them with the exception of one Loar.  Even that was a close call.  Unfortunately I was short $160,000.  

I took the instrument home on loan last night and in the several hours that I played it dramatically opened up.  The mid-range is out of this world.  Balanced, responsive, and immediate.

I have toured with Claire Lynch the past few years and will be hitting the road hard with Billy Strings next year.  I don't know if you're familiar with either of these names but they're both fantastic.

With that said, I admire your work.  I know a good mandolin when I play one and this one has something special.  Where are you based out of?  I'd love to let you know when I'm playing in your area.


Jarrod Walker"