Our Vintage By Design instruments are the outcome of decades of research and testing that resulted in a process developed to replicate the changes that  naturally take place in wood when it is in the top of a well-played mandolin or guitar for decades, and borrows faintly from the master Italian makers of the 17th century.  We like to start with Sanns/OSW aged wood from John Griffin at Old Standard Wood hand selected for us for superior resonance and response.  These woods are specially seasoned, and then undergo a unique 4 step methodology spread throughout the entire building process, the first step beginning before the wood is milled and the last step occurring just prior to the instrument being completed.  

The design of these instruments is based on very careful study of the most desirable vintage instruments.  Small tweaks are then made in the symmetry of the graduations, plane of the arching, and location of the tone bars.  This unique design and build methodology, along with our thin varnish finish, assists in allowing these instruments to mature more quickly.  The result is a modern instrument with a feel, response, and look similar to a fine vintage piece.